Director of the Public Relations Department - Official Spokesperson for Yarmouk University, Mukhlis Al-Ibbini stressed that under the exceptional circumstances that our dear country and the whole world are going through due to the spread of the new Corona virus, it works through its various departments and human cadres "remotely" in order to maintain work and achievement .

He continued that Yarmouk University, according to the instructions issued by the President of the University, Dr. Zaidan Kafafi, to all departments and colleges in all circumstances and conditions always and never put safety and interest for its students at the top of their priorities, whether they are Jordanian or expatriate students, or students of cultural exchange programs implemented by the university through International Relations and Projects Department with various universities and international educational institutions.

In this regard, the Director of the Department of International Relations and Projects, Dr. Mwaffaq Otoom, pointed out that the department, based on the university’s comprehensive plan to deal with this exceptional circumstance and with direct directions from the university president Dr. Zaidan Kafafi in following up our students or students visiting the university within the international exchange programs, is keen to follow up their conditions and their livelihood around the clock.

He added that, within the European Erasmus program, we have 29 students from Yarmouk University in Europe (10 of whom are females) distributed in nine (9) countries.

He continued, we have in Turkey (8) students, Germany (2), Italy (2), Spain (7), Belgium (2), Romania (4), Greece (2), Finland (1), Sweden (1), indicating that among these students only one student from Germany returned to Jordan during the Corona crisis.

Dr. Otoom added that, within the same program, there are only two students at Yarmouk University, one from Italy and the other from Turkey, stressing that continuous communication is made with students of this program, whether university students who are in Europe or students who are in the university through the "WhatsApp Group". The support required for our students is also provided by communicating with their European universities in case they need anything, and by providing them with instructions emanating from their host universities as well as those of the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs.

He added that the European universities in which our students are located, in return, inform us continuously of the measures that are being taken to deal with this pandemic, and we are also doing the same for their students.

Dr. Otoom said that Yarmouk University has (11) students from Turkey (10 of whom are females) within the Mevlana Turkish program.

Dr. Otoom emphasized that the University’s Emergency Committee headed by Vice President for Administrative Affairs Dr. Anis Al-Khassawneh reviewed the needs of international exchange students present in the university and provided them with basic needs for their livelihood, which left a good impact for them, and some of them initiated to send messages to the department in which they thanked the university for their interest in foreign students, which make them feel in the difficult atmosphere, as if they are in their countries and homes.