Yarmouk University has signed an MoU with Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd. Co., signed by the President of the University Dr. Zeidan Kafafi, and for the company Chairman of the Board of Directors Senal Kumar, according to which this MoU will be established in Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology at the university concerned with training university students from various Specializations, especially industrial engineering students, on how to develop and implement planning and career development programs, qualifying them to enter the labor market in the industrial sector in Jordan, and conducting scientific research projects for students and faculty alike.

Kafafi stressed during the meeting Yarmouk’s keenness to embody the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein in activating the true partnership with private sector institutions, which contributes to the exchange of experiences and the development of services provided to the children of society, praising the distinguished reputation of the traditional fashion company worldwide. It is one of the largest companies in this field in the Kingdom, and it contributes greatly to providing job opportunities for Jordanian youth.

Kafafi stressed the importance of this memorandum according to which the Classic Fashion- Yarmouk Seat of Learning Center will be established, which is concerned with training university students and enabling them to enter the labor market in the industrial sector and contribute to supporting the development and development process witnessed by this sector recently, pointing out that the university places rehabilitation Students with knowledge and theoretical and applied sciences are among their first priorities, and they seek through agreements and memoranda of understanding that they enter into with various universities and national and international institutions to open the opportunity for them to benefit from the available experiences and knowledge available to them and increase their competitiveness in a way that ensures their entry into the labor market, a And qualifying them to start their own projects, we appreciated the great cooperation of the company with the university and employing it to five distinguished university students from Al-Hijjawi College of Technology Engineering.

In turn, Kumar pointed out the importance of this partnership with Yarmouk University, which is one of the leading universities at the region level, and its graduates have a distinguished scientific reputation, stressing the importance of this cooperation and the possibility of expanding its fields in the near future, especially with the great development witnessed by the industrial sector in Jordan and its active role in Providing the national economy and its recovery, reviewing the company’s establishment and the stages of development that it went through until it became one of the most important companies working in the field of designing and producing ready-to-wear clothes and exporting them to various countries of the world, explaining that the company includes approximately 6 thousand employees in all sectors of Jordan. D of other nationalities.

The signing ceremony of the agreement, which took place at the company's headquarters in Al-Hassan Industrial City in Irbid Governorate, was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al-Shamali, Dean of Al-Hijjawi College of Technological Engineering, Head of Industrial Engineering Department Dr. Ghassan Maqableh, Director of International Relations and Projects Department Dr. Mwaffaq Otoom, and Director of the Presidential Department Dr. Mashhour Hamadneh, The director of the Public Relations and Media Department, Mukhles Al-Abaini, and the director of administrative services at the company Sridar Rajagopal.