A Student exchange Agreement has been signed with Sciences Po as part of the collaborative endeavors of both parties, noting that this agreement builds on existing relationships between both universities. The agreement puts in place an exchange program of students of both institutions in the humanities, social sciences with emphasis on civic, linguistic, artistic, and digital education, aiming at strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation between both universities. It also seeks to enhance the exchange of faculty members, develop intensive language programs, and conduct joint research programs as well as organize joint conferences.

In this context, Yarmouk University participated in “Choose France Jordan 2021” event which was organized at the French Institute in Jordan on November 8th and 9th in collaboration with Campus France and the Embassy of France. The event included Institutional Meetings between representatives from Jordanian Universities and a number of higher education institutions in France to discuss possible collaboration in terms of student and staff exchange, summer courses, internship opportunities and to boost new partnerships. A Student fair for French higher education institutions was also organized where presentations and meetings were conducted for interested students.