Yarmouk University organized a distant awareness workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights “ in cooperation with the Industrial Property Protection Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply on April 5th, 2021.

The Director of the International Relations and Projects Department of the University, Dr. Ghazi Magableh, welcomed the participants, and appreciated the Ministry's response through the Directorate of Industrial Property Protection, to hold this workshop and to publicize the industrial property rights, indicating that despite Covid 19 Pandemic, Yarmouk University is always keen to communicate and interact with different local institutions, assuming its role in spreading knowledge and serving the community.

In turn, the Director of the Industrial Property Protection Directorate, Zain Al-Awamleh stressed the importance of intellectual property rights and the need to enhance frameworks for cooperation among concerned bodies, explaining that the workshop is part of a series of public and private sector awareness events conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply. She added that there will be discussions with Yarmouk University to establish a Technology and Innovation Support Center Unit (TISC) aiming at exchanging patent information, intellectual property-related publications, and assisting in the search and retrieval of technological information, as well as training on database search processes, monitoring of technology and competitors, as well as the basic information on industrial property laws and marketing of information.

On the other hand, Mr. Motaz Al-Nameer, coordinator of the “Intellectual Properties Capacities for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Mediterranean Region” (IPMED) project at The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) presented a brief on the IPMED project, which is funded by the European Union through the Mediterranean Basin Cross-Border Cooperation Program within the ENI CBCMED tool. He explained that the project aims at building capacity of Intellectual property and entrepreneurship and will be implemented with a total of 1.194 million euros funded by the (ENI CBC MED). He pointed out that the project intends to develop micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises within the industrial and services sectors, and is to promote economic and social development and support young and women innovative projects in Irbid, noting that the implementation period of the project is three years.


Participants stressed the need to contribute to enhancing innovation potentials; building intellectual property rights ideas and mechanisms for start-ups, small businesses, micro-enterprises and entrepreneurial projects. There is a need to strengthen the capabilities of participating stakeholders by increasing their awareness of the principles of intellectual property rights.

The workshop also addressed several topics such as Trademarks, , industrial models, regulatory legislation and registration guidelines for trademarks and industrial models, the importance of registering industrial property rights and the consequences of infringement, as well as explaining some topics related to industrial property aimed at increasing creative and innovative activity.

The workshop was attended by around fifty faculty members at Yarmouk University, and a number of officials and employees of the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO).