The President of Yarmouk University, Prof. Nabil Al-Hailat received Mr. Gilles Roulland, Director of Cooperation and Cultural Action Advisor at the French Embassy in Amman to discuss ways of enhancing and supporting cooperation between the university and French educational institutions.

Prof. Hailat praised the depth of relations between the university and the French embassy and that with numerous of prestigious French universities, expressing his hope to consolidate cooperative relations with various French educational institutions, especially those that occupy advanced positions in the global university ranking. He also stressed that Yarmouk University, as part of its future plans, seeks to develop cooperation with various leading international universities in various scientific fields, with special focus on student and faculty exchange programs, and by encouraging researchers and faculty members to participate in international scientific and academic research projects that contribute positively to society and are relevant to the needs of community. He said that the university is currently working on the possibility of offering international programs for doctoral degree in cooperation with international universities that have a globally high ranking position, and it is possible to cooperate with the French embassy in Amman to facilitate networking with French universities that are interested in this issue, pointing out that the university seeks to be a model in the framework of international cooperation.

Prof. Hailat also expressed his hope to increase the number of scholarships offered to outstanding students for the Master and doctoral degrees, and the possibility of holding online informative workshops for faculty members and students on the French institutions, the educational programs, and the available grants opportunities offered by French Institutions in collaboration with the French Embassy in Amman. He said that Yarmouk University may host these workshops and may also enable universities from various countries to take part, noting that despite the difficulties the whole world is witnessing due to the Corona virus pandemic, we still seek to transform challenges into opportunities.

For his part, Mr. Roulland praised the solid relations between Yarmouk University and both the French Embassy and the various French Universities, especially in the field of teaching French language, archeology and history of cultures, pointing out that the Embassy seeks to develop French language education in Jordan, and will discuss ways to expand and strengthen future cooperation with Yarmouk University, especially in the field of student and faculty exchange, and by conducting joint scientific research.


The meeting was attended by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Riyadh Al-Momani,, the Director of International Relations and Projects Directorate, Dr. Ghazi Magableh, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Osama Omari, Head of the Department of Modern Languages, Dr.Batoul Muhaisen, French Language Instructor at Yarmouk University sent by the French MOFA, Ms. Julie MENAT, as well as representative of the Francophone University Agency at Yarmouk university, Dr. Mamoun Al-Abbadi.