The President of Yarmouk University, Prof. Nabil Al-Hailat received Director of DAAD Regional Office in Amman, Mr. Benjamin Schmäling to discuss means of enhancing cooperation between two sides.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Al- Hailat emphasized the depth of the close scientific relations that link Yarmouk University with "DAAD", through which many of the students were sent to pursue their studies in the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels at various German universities, hoping to continue with such an active cooperation process and to further expand and widen it to include mutual short term scientific visits for students and faculty members bearing in mind the influential impact of these visits on scientific and cultural outcomes of students and faculty members alike. He also called upon DAAD regional office of Amman to take advantage of its responsibility for carrying out DAAD activities in Iraq and Lebanon to diversify the form of grants offered, stressing the university’s readiness to participate in any supported scientific projects in cooperation with researchers from Iraq and Lebanon in the fields of health and public safety, community service, and humanitarian studies.

Prof. Dr. Hailat also displayed the establishment of Yarmouk University and the specializations offered in various scientific, literary, humanitarian and medical disciplines, pointing out to the university’s continuous endeavor to pump new blood into its teaching staff, to develop the competencies of the faculty members, and to open the doors for students to complete their higher studies through strengthening its cooperation with distinguished institutions and academic bodies at the international level.

In turn, Mr. Benjamin Schmäling expressed the keenness of the Regional Office of DAAD to strengthen cooperation with the University of Yarmouk, which enjoys a distinguished scientific reputation, explaining that the number and form of grants awarded to Jordanian university students varies each year according to the categories and numbers of grants offered, thus enabling university students and faculty members to benefit from them at all levels.


The meeting was attended by Vice-Presidents of the University, Prof. Muwaffaq Alomoush, Prof. Riad Al-Momani, and the Dean of the Hijjawi Faculty for Engineering Technology, Dr. Muwaffaq Otoum, in addition to the Director of the International Relations and Projects Directorate, Dr. Ghazi Magableh.