The National Center for Research and Development announces the call to submit applied research projects for the year 2020. The National Center for Research and Development wishes to provide financial support for research and development projects in the following areas:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Food security
  • Health
  • Environment

General Terms:

  • The research project is new and has not been previously worked on.
  • The research project should be applied and with future commercial marketable results if the research is successful.
  • Project implementation period: two years maximum.
  • Deadline for submitting project proposals: 30/8/2020.

How to submit the project proposal:

  • Fill out the form of the National Center for Research and Development, which is available at this LINK and send it to the e-mail

Method for evaluating research project proposals:

  • A technical committee of experts and specialists will be formed, and the evaluation form available at this LINK will be used - The date of the announcement of the results of the evaluation of project proposals: 9/30/2020.

Note: Research project proposals can be submitted in either Arabic or English.