The EU-funded project "Support to Higher Education for Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Jordanian Youths-EDU-SYRIA III" announce that the door is now open to apply for Master’s scholarship for vulnerable Jordanian youths ( the beneficiaries of: National Aid Fund (NAF), Tkiyet Um Ali Fund, Al-Aman Fund and Al- Zakah Fund), through EDU-JORDAN programme.


EDU-JORDAN programme for graduate studies is a component of the larger project EDU-SYRIA III, funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU ‘Madad’ Fund, and has eight other programs.


EDU-JORDAN is implemented by DAAD as part of a the project’s consortium led by the German Jordanian University (GJU) with a mission to fund talented vulnerable Jordanian youths and develop them further by providing them with rewarding opportunity to study to obtain a master’s degree. Therefore, they have the ability to lead and advance their career and consequently better productive livelihood.


The deadline for submission of applications is July 9th, 2020


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