The American Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Department of Public Relations at the US Embassy, ​​announces the availability of training opportunities in Jordanian companies for Yarmouk University students who are in the third or fourth year, or higher level, knowing that the training period is only two weeks during the summer vacation determined by filling out the following form

Training conditions:

1- To be a student at Yarmouk University.

2- To be in the third year or a higher academic year.

3- Application is available for all disciplines and priority is given to students of Information Technology, Languages, Engineering, Education, and Tourism.

4- The student has good communication skills.

5- To enjoy team spirit and work.

6- To be proficient in the English language.

7- To master computer skills.

8- He/She is obliged to work for 8 hours a day for two consecutive weeks.

For those who wish to apply, please register in the link above, noting that the deadline for application is Wednesday 15/4/2020.