The Department of International Relations and Projects announces the opening of the application for scholarships for academic exchange for students with Granada University in Spain within the Erasmus+ exchange program for the first semester of 2020-2021 academic year. 


  • Granada University / Spain
  • Students (Bachelor, Masters)

  • For one semester 

  • For more information click here
  • English language and literature (Requires B2 English certificate)
  • Modern languages (Requires B2 English certificate)
  • All majors (Requires B1 Spanish certificate)


Application conditions:

  • The student's grade should not be less than "Good" for undergraduate students and "Very Good" for graduate students.
  • The exchange period should not be in the last two semesters of the undergraduate students and the last semester for graduate students.
  • That the student successfully completed 36 credit hours for undergraduate students and 6 credit hours successfully for graduate students.
  • English language proficiency of level B2 or Spanish language proficiency of level B1 (depends on major).

Please fill in the Application Form.


The submission deadline for applications is 31/March/2020.