The Department of International Relations and Projects announces the opening of the application for scholarships for academic exchange for students with Cankiri Karatekin University in Turkey within the Erasmus+ exchange program for the first semester of 2024-2025 academic year. 



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Cankiri Karatekin University /Turkey

 Students (Bachelor & Masters)

For 108 Days: 23/09/2024 to 10/01/2025


 * Mathematics BSc Programme

 * Economics BSc Programme                     

 * Political Science and     International Relations MA     Programme (Master Degree) 

 * Economics Msc Programme   master's degree) 

  * Chemistry MSc Programme     (master's degree) 

 * Biology MSc Programme   (master's degree) 

 *Mathematics MSc Programme   (master's degree) 

 * Art and Design MA Programme   master's degree) 

  *Business MA Programme   (master's degree)

Note that the student receives 800 EUR per month, plus 275 EUR for the Ticket.


  • Selection Criteria:
  • 1- (10) points for the student's GPA and they are calculated by converting the cumulative GPA from (10).

    2- (10) points for the required language certificate.

    3- (5) points are deducted for those who benefit from student exchange opportunities before.


Please fill the following form: ONLINE Application form

Note: The submission deadline for applications is 18/05/2024.